Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I'm tired.

That's it. I'm just plain tired.

It's the end of the school year meaning it's a super busy and important time for me.
I have class projects to complete.
I have to finish working with one child and mentally prepare for the other.
I have to figure out what classes I still need for whatever it is I want to do in child care.
I have to sign up for classes after that.
I have to decide how much to work next semester.
I have to rearrange my room.
I have to figure out how to handle my mental and physical condition, especially my avoidant eating habits.
I have to get my license because life is too hectic to traipse 5 towns on foot.
I have to say goodbye to the dark months and prepare for the mega bright ones.

Wow, my mind was overwhelmed but putting it in writing gives it clarity. There's so much to be done.

I'm more than tired. I'll admit it, I'm scared. I'm scared of most of these things individually and I'm scared of what they signify all togethet. I have to take care of myself. Even more than the last decade. For the last decade, I've let myself get away with doing the bare minimum requirements and all that caused was a major build up of wotk. If I want to progress at all, I have to take multiple steps almost simultaneously. In vague, blurry synchronization.

P.S. there were 40 things on my to do list when I woke up and I got it down to 37. Yay me.